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Indera Sports Club (ISC), formerly known as Indera Football Club (IFC) was established in the late 70's. Previously, the club's only focus was football and since its establishment, it has made its mark as a successful football team winning many local football championship titles.

The club also produced many skilled and top quality players who have gone on to represent Brunei Darussalam at National senior level. We are very proud that to date, we have contributed no less than 30 players to the Brunei National Teams since its inception. Apart from being active playing football in Brunei Darussalam, the club had also played in Malaysia: Sabah, Johor and Malacca.

In early 2010, the Club Management decided to change its name to Indera Sports Club (ISC). With the new name change, this club is now not only actively involved in football, but also other sports, such as Futsal, Badminton and Netball.

Besides football, the club also intends to produce more sports stars to contribute to our national sports development.


Indera Football Association

Indera Football Club

Indera Sports Club


 SLD Abd Azizi bin Ali Rahman 28
 Md Abu Bakar bin Mahari 22
 Md Asri bin Aspar 17
 SLD Razimie bin Ramlli 16
 Md Faiz Farhan bin Kamat 13
 Md Aimmil Rahman bin Ramlee 12
 Md Esmendy bin Ibrahim 11
 Mohammad Shafie bin Hj Md Effendy 11
 LCPL 4828 Jasriman Haji Johari 9



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